Talks On Talking

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Talks On Talking

A guide to mastery in the Art of Public Speaking

“Discover How To Talk Your Way to Rousing Success By Mastering The Art of Talking!”

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Talking is an art. How you talk tells what you are and predicts what you will be and what is in store for you in the future. 

It is the words that comes out of your mouth today that will either save you and make you wealthy or successful or condemn you to mediocrity or failure.

Talks about Talking is one of the most important books ever to be published that helps people become not just a good talkers but also Masters of Public Speaking.

Authored by no less than Grenville Kleiser, a former instructor at Yale University and the author of many books about Public Speaking, Talks about Talking is a comprehensive manual that studies the art of oral communication in excruciating detail and prescribes just what you need to become a master of it.

To date, Talks about Talking has helped thousands of people overcome their problems in oral communications and become successful public speakers.

Now the good news is you can become a Master of Public Speaking regardless of your educational background or social standing

As long as you have sincerity and conviction about what you wish to communicate, the world can be your captive audience.

The following are excerpts from the book:

“The spirit of conversation is oftentimes more important than the ideas expressed. What we are rather than what we say has the most permanent influence upon those around us.

“Hence it is that where a group of persons are met together in conversation, it is the inner life of each which silently though nonetheless surely imparts tone and character to the occasion.

“It requires vigorous self-discipline so to cultivate the feelings of kindness and sympathy that they are always in readiness for use. These qualities are essential to agreeable and profitable intercourse. 

“Sadly, comparatively few people possess them.

A person of charming manner is usually free from resentments, inquisitiveness, and moods.

Personality plays a large part in interesting conversation. What a person is, innately and habitually, unconsciously discloses itself in voice, manner, and bearing. The world ultimately appraises a man at his true value.

The best type of talker is slow to express positive opinions, is sparing in criticism, and studiously avoids a tone or word of finality. 

It has been well said that “A talker who monopolizes the conversation is obnoxious, and a man who regulates his choice of topics by reference to what interests only himself has yet to learn the alphabet of the art. 

Conversation is like lawn-tennis, and requires enthusiasm in return at least as much as vigor in service. 

Conversation offers daily opportunity for intellectual exercise of high order. The reading of great books is desirable and indispensable to education, but real culture comes through the additional training one receives in conversation. 

The culture of conversation is to be recommended not only for its own sake, but also as one of the best means of training in the art of public speaking. 

Good conversation requires, among other things, mental alertness, accuracy of statement, adequate vocabulary, facility of expression, and an agreeable voice, and these qualities are most essential for effective public speaking. 

Everyone, therefore, who aspires to speaking before an audience of hundreds or thousands, will find his best opportunity for preliminary training in everyday speech.