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t is the dream of every Internet marketer…to secure a joint venture with a big name marketer.    

But how do you pull it off?

If you’ve tried to secure a JV in the past—you know it’s a mystery. You write to Mr. Big Name Guru and 99% of the time you don’t even get a reply.

It’s downright FRUSTRATING!

Hey…don’t feel bad. I was there. I know what it’s like. I had reached the point where I just gave up trying to get joint ventures.

And then I discovered the secret.

The Private Message
That Changed My Life

   After I had discovered how to approach the big guns for a JV…I tried it out. I composed a short 2 paragraph private message.

Within 10 minutes I had my first joint venture.

And that was the first of 3 joint ventures that I would secure within a 3 month period of time.

As a matter of fact…using this approach…

I have yet to be turned down for a joint venture proposal.

I’m Handing You My Secret

   When you discover the secret for yourself you’re going to smack yourself in the side of the head wondering why you didn’t think of it yourself.

It’s THAT simple…but very few people think of it. So I’m spilling the beans in my new book.

True Insider Secrets

   I’ve left nothing to chance in this tell all blockbuster. Inside you’ll discover…

  • How to approach a big name marketer in a way that almost guarantees you get the JV that YOU want…
  • How to begin the JV process to insure that everything goes exactly the way YOU want it…
  • How to identify your JV partner personality type so you know EXACTLY what to expect…
  • How to launch your product so that it comes off without a hitch…
  • JV pitfalls to be aware of. Not knowing these can cost you thousands
  • How to be selective about the JV that YOU want…
  • How to get a big name marketer to promote YOUR product…
I’ve Left Nothing Out

   This book is everything that I personally do to secure joint ventures…the most recent being the one I did with John Rhodes of the Rhodes Brothers for PLR Exploitation.

That one JV has made us both thousands…

I won’t even mention the relationship I’ve developed with the great Willie Crawford…which brings me to the priceless bonus that comes with this book.