Tips For Planning The Perfect Proposal

While most of you are probably already married if you are on this blog, some of you might have only recently found the right person. If you’re thinking about popping the question or suspect your man to propose soon, you might be getting nervous and wondering how things will go, especially if you’ve never been engaged before!

Planning for a proposal can be nerve-wracking, which makes it easy to overlook certain details. Here are some tips for planning the perfect proposal.

Buying The Ring

Buying the ring is the first thing you should consider. You should give yourself enough time to save up and the give yourself enough time to go shopping – don’t wait until the week before you plan to propose.

There are many different styles of engagement ring. It’s worth doing your research first to find the best price. By shopping around jewelry stores with your partner, you may be able to drop hints about what you like. Don’t worry too much about the size as most jewelers nowadays offer free resizing services (you may want to ask the jeweler about this to be certain though).

High street jewelers and online jewelers are likely to both stock different types of rings. If you’re looking for something vintage or something with local history, a high street jeweler might be your best option. Meanwhile, if you want something modern and possibly customizable, an online jeweler like Tacori has the right ringfor you. High street jewelers tend to be more expensive, however this comes at convenience of being able to inspect each ring in person.

Having a ring for the proposal isn’t a must and many people are now proposing without rings. My husband of 15 years now proposed to be without a ring and I gladly said YES! We then picked out an engagement ring and matching wedding bands later. This is a great option if you don’t know exactly what you want and also gives you time to save up.

Tips For Planning The Perfect Proposal

Choosing The Location

Once you’ve got your ring, you need to next decide where you plan to propose.

The first question you should ask yourself if whether it will be public or private. Most people opt for a proposal in private – your partner may feel pressured to say yes in a public environment and the moment may not feel as intimate. That said, if you’re the type of couple that love PDA, a public proposal may work for you.

If you’re on a budget, you might want to plan to propose at home. You may be able to surprise your partner by setting the scene with some candles, some flowers and a meal.

Alternatively, you may prefer to book a restaurant meal or possibly even a romantic vacation. This could give you a more luxurious environment to pop the question.

Celebrating The Moment

Once you’ve proposed (or accepted his proposal), you’ll want to celebrate your engagement! Make sure that you have an activity planned for afterwards.

Some people plan to propose at home and then plan a restaurant meal afterwards. You could even make it dual surprise and plan a day out or even a surprise vacation. You could also book an engagement photoshoot for afterwards – many companies such as Matt Badenoch Photography are able to organize this.  

Whether you decide to stick to the latest engagement ring trends or do something a little more unconventional, the important part is to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider your answer before he asks the big question!

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